Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hey all,
I havn't blogged in a while - but that was because there really wasn't anything to blog about.
The last week I have been sitting at home resting up until the next team arrived here.
So the night of the 12th came and the team was meant to arive at Denver airport at 4pm.
Unfortunatly they missed their flight and did not get a flight till 8:45 and did not arive till 12am. Luckly the crew at the house knew what we were doing and Sav went to the airport and the new crew stayed over night and woke up early morning to drive to winter park for a competition. Meanwhile back at the house Jeanie, Lauren and I had to wake up at 5:30 to make our journey to Winter Park. Unfortunatly out of the three of us only Lauren competed. Jeanie still wasn't allowed to ride and I didn't get my form in on time. So we were the cheer squad for the day.
First day went by and we stood in the cold and wind watching everyone compete in slopestyle. I was soo dead by the end of the day I slept the whole way in the van. It was an early night then another 5:30 start to the morning and sleeping in the car for everyone,(Except sav of course)
The day was just like the first getting frozen toes in the freezing cold and watching my friends do all the work then ended with another snooze in the car from lack of sleep. Yesterday we headed up to the mountain just Cam, Lukey, Jack and I. Unfortunately Lauren caught an awful cough and Henry has sprained his wrist so we are a bit of an odd bunch and today and tomorrow are days off and I'm busy doing school work :)

Thats all for now


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Backside 360s!!! Last photo I have at the moment - I shall go get Terri's camera.

Stuck in the foam pit...my "cork 540's" that turned into normal 360's haha

Sav showing me a cork 540- What I was trying to do ha ha

Climbing out of the foam pit...think strong alex!

Hey all,
We went to Woodward today.. very fun!
Pictures up soon. It's pretty big. They have this thing called snowflex - it's meant to simulate snow and they have jumps into massive foam pits . I was trying to do cork 540's but didn't work. I ended up doing normal 360's. I did that for a while and then we went onto the inbuilt tramps and you can just jump on the tramps or onto the tramps into foam pits . I tried a double back flip ...ALMOST got it and with the slightest rotation from landing on my feet - sooo close!
It was a pretty fun day... Breck tomorrow and this camp finishes in 2 days : O time has flyed so fast and soon I'll be on the 2nd camp.

Time goes fast - soon I'll be home:)

love you all xxxx
Pics of Woodward soon.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hey all,
We are back from the mountain. This is the 2nd day we have come home early.
Yesterday Josh thought he had broken his hand so we were home by 12pm. Luckly Josh's hand is only bruised. Today Jeanie was in the pipe and hit her head and was knocked out and now has concussion once again. Saturday is getting closer with Woodward on the way. We are also going to see another movie on Sunday. We have already seen 2 whilst we have been here. We are going to the gym when Sav and Jeanie get back from the medical centre and I can then try out my new joggers which I had to get because my current ones are as grippy as a slipperly slide so Sav made me get a new pair....
Thats all for now


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Hey All,

I got 360's off the big jumps yesterday with an indy grab in it. I hurt myself a lot trying though and haven't perfected them yet. I haven't quite got 3's in the pipe yet, we have just been concentrating on getting biggg air and grabs so hopefully soon I will get 3's more.......Today we are going into town. I have to buy new gloves because both my O & E gloves are horrible and cold....We are also going to a place called Woodward on Saturday which is an indoor skate park - inbuilt ramps to foam pits and fake snowboard jumps into foam pits, which should be fun.