Alex is currently seeking the support of a sponsor/s.

If your company is interested in discussing any sponsorship opportunities for Alex please contact

Bill Fitch
0412 965 373

Many thanks to the following sponsors and supporters;

"Betty Rides" http://www.bettyrides.com/2013/demo/ for the outerwear that I love. It is not only comfortable but for once I actually feel like a girl when I am riding and not wearing my brother's hand me downs!

NSWIS for the Silver scholarship and all the support staff that assist us. http://www.nswis.com.au/home/home.aspx

Uncle Pete and Mel for helping me so much with my flights.

The Aim For The Stars Foundation (Layne Beachley) for awarding me an encouragement grant. http://www.aimforthestars.com.au/

The Donnica Clark Foundation for their grant. www.donnicaclarke.com.au/

The Amelia McGuiness Foundaton, for their grant. http://www.nswsnowsports.com.au/customdata/index.cfm?fuseaction=display_main&ItemID=48343&OrgID=4325

Ambiance Charters for their support. www.ambiancecharters.com.au

Central Coast Combined Councils- (Gosford and Wyong) for their grant. http://www.wyong.nsw.gov.au/

YMCA for membership to the gym at Lakehaven Recreation Centre.

I have also had lots of support from the Marks & Komorr families. Also thanks to my family, friends, Soldiers Beach Surf Club & Lakes Grammar School for their support.

Thanks to my coaches Boydie & Elijah and all my coaches that have been with me and got me to where I am today "TSC" - Jarrod , Christine and crew, ISTC Clarke, Baffy from "Fastride" Mark and of course Sav.

Thanks also to all of the NSWIS staff and coaches and after the Youth Olympic Games I have to say thank you so much to the AOC and all the support staff for firstly the opportunity and then the fantastic way they looked after the entire Australian Team!

Lastly thanks to Mum & Dad and brothers Andrew and Aaron for making me keep up!

And Team AXLE:) you know who you are